TURFSPORT's WAGERING SOLUTIONS have specific minimum requirements for the supporting TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE.

The server configuration becomes more and more important as the amount of data and information increases. For a very small operation, all services could run off one server, but ideally core services will need to be managed on separate servers.

TURFSPORT supports virtualisation and the use of virtual servers. Hosting options are not provided by TURFSPORT but recommendations can be made based on your requirements.

The TERMINAL SERVER will house the CORE WAGERING SOLUTION and manage all TERMINAL CONNECTIONS from the workstations (often used in distributed retail environments).

Database Servers this will house the databases required to run the software, which include the CORE WAGERING SOLUTION and any additional databases for the SPORTS BETTING WEBSITE and MOBI SITE.

Web servers are required for the MOBILE APP, MOBI SITE and SPORTS BETTING WEBSITE.

TURFSPORT has partnered with reputable South African and International Hosted Solution providers. Please contact us for tailor-made solutions.

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TURFSPORT's minimum hardware requirements for servers and workstations are listed below. A bookmaker's set up could include physical machines for each server type, or virtual servers for each server type (if multiple servers are used for each service). A Storage Area Network (SAN) instead of local attached storage should be considered for the database server in large systems.

Servers (small ops) PROCESSOR: 32 or 64bit Server processor e.g. Xeon MEMORY: 16GB-64GB RAM DISK: RAID 10 (mirroring) configuration DVD-Writer: DB backups for the Gambling Board

Servers (Larger ops) PROCESSOR: 64bit Server processor e.g. Xeon MEMORY: 64GB-128GB RAM DISK: DB server RAID 10 (mirroring). Other server types RAID 5 (redundancy) DVD-Writer: DB backups for the Gambling Board

Workstation PROCESSOR:32 or 64 bit workstation processor (i3,5,7 or equivalent) MEMORY: 2GB+ RAM GRAPHICS: capable of a minimum of 1024x768 resolution or higher

TURFSPORT recommends the following software solutions for each system component below.

Please note if you would like to EXPORT REPORTS, you will need MICROSOFT OFFICE SUITE installed on your workstation, including EXCEL and OUTLOOK.

Terminal Servers OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows server 2003 or 2008

Database Servers OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows server 2003 or 2008 (64 bit for larger operations). Min. Standard Edition. DATABASE: SQL 2005, SQL 2008, SQL 2012. Min. Standard Edition.

Web Servers OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 2003 / 2008 (IIS 7 with DOT NET 4.0) DATABASE: SQL Server Express Edition OTHER: Domain name registration required and SSL certificate application and installation

Workstation OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows XP Professional Edition or Windows 7 Professional Edition APPLICATIONS: MS Office Suite (including Excel and Outlook)

The size and location of your operations will determine the required configuration for each network. Consideration must be given to the retail outlet environments and how the outlet will communicate with the servers if any internet connectivity is required.

A dedicated network is required for retail, which can either be a Local Area Network (LAN) if the server is hosted in the retail outlet's location, or a Wide Area Network (WAN) if there are multiple shops and the server is hosted centrally or at an Internet Service Provider.

If you will be launching a SPORTS BETTING WEBSITE, the capacity of the internet line will be important to consider for the number of users accessing the website.

EVENTS External feeds configured for the CORE WAGERING SOLUTION will require a dedicated high-speed internet line for fast and reliable delivery from the feed provider(s).

Satellite Data Card The B.O.D.D.S FEED will require a TEVII satellite data card (and dish) as the feed is transmitted via satellite.

Branch Connectivity

Links to hosted terminal servers and database servers across distributed retail outlets and branches must be reliable and will require the correct network configuration (VPN / WAN or FIXED Data line).

Web Access The SPORTS BETTING WEBSITE is likely to experience high levels of traffic and will need a fast and reliable internet line or suitable bandwidth assurances if hosted at an Internet Service Provider.

Server and hardware needed to run betting software

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