This software module is the primary interface to access the CORE WAGERING SOLUTION. Any user, such as the examples below, will use a TERMINAL CONNECTION license to access the BETTING ENGINE: - TELLERS - CALL CENTRE and TELEBETTING AGENTS - TRADERS - BOOKMAKERS - BACK OFFICE OPERATIONAL and ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF - REGULATORY AUDITORS

The number of concurrent users on your system will define how many TERMINAL CONNECTION licenses you require.

For retail outlets with high volumes of punters, the use of COUPON READERS can speed up the processing of bets and potentially reduce the number of tellers required.

TURFSPORT's COUPON READER solution is an optional way to expedite the entry of a bet. TURFSPORT is the exclusive distributor for South Africa of the COUPON READER from PDI.

Punters can place single and multiple bets on the coupon and all you need to do is scan the coupon. The system will process the bets via the BETTING ENGINE and provide the punter with a bet slip.

The following bets can be placed on a coupon: - Horse racing: OPEN and EXOTIC bets - Soccer: Matchplay (single and multiples) and Soccer6 - LOTTO

The benefits of this solution are: - TURFSPORT is the exclusive distributor of these COUPON READERS and has had them approved and tested by an accredited laboratory - These COUPON READERS offer superior DATA INTEGRITY - Punters can place multiple bets on the coupon which enables a faster intake of bets - The bet slip can be scanned and voided very quickly

TURFSPORT can recommend coupons or bet mark cards on request. Please contact us at for more information on COUPON READERS.

TURFSPORT's CORE WAGERING SOLUTION has a DISPLAY MODULE which integrates with monitors and displays betting information available in the BETTING ENGINE.

TURFSPORT's DISPLAY MODULE also comes with a display server which allows you to manage the content on the displays across multiple stores.

TURFSPORT has preferential acquiring rates for credit card and debit card payment processing.

Retail betting offerings: tellers, interactive displays, coupon readers and more

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