The MOBILE BETTING PLATFORM offers CONVENIENCE and EASE OF USE and includes the following features:

TURFSPORT has developed its own proprietary MOBILE BETTING PLATFORM that takes advantage of all the BET TYPES offered in the BETTING ENGINE.

Our MOBILE BETTING PLATFORM has been approved in accordance to SANS 1718(4) and is offered for MOBILE WEB on APPLE and ANDROID and as a dedicated app for JAVA enabled phones.

The MOBILE BETTING PLATFORM offers CONVENIENCE and EASE OF USE and includes the following features:

  • The REGISTRATION process is QUICK and EASY and enables you to register across MULTIPLE CHANNELS
  • All mobile betting platforms offers a variety of PAYMENT DEPOSIT options
  • The MOBILE BETTING experience is not too different to the online transaction with a sleek and INTUITIVE NAVIGATION
  • All BET TYPES are supported
  • There is a detailed STATEMENT and TRANSACTION HISTORY

TURFSPORT's NATIVE MOBILE APP'S runs on various mobile operating systems [IOS, ANDROID, JAVA] and allows punters to interact seamlessly with the BETTING ENGINE. The betting process is a series of simple clicks. The MOBILE APP'S offers both FIXED ODDS and TOTE (OPEN) bets available in the BETTING ENGINE.

TURFSPORT's MOBI SITE is FEATURE-RICH and INTUITIVE. The site provides you with an effective way to reach a wide range of mobile users. The site is loaded with a quick link on the punter's desktop. This is the ideal solution for SMARTPHONES.

Turfsport offers a range of USSD based self-service and transaction based solutions. Please contact us for more information.

TURFSPORT's MOBILE BETTING PLATFORM can be customised to suit individual business needs. Once your requirements have been determined, TURFSPORT will quote accordingly and development can start once you have supplied us with a complete set of designs.

TURFSPORT will support and maintain software customisations with prior agreement between both parties.

TURFSPORT offers you the opportunity to develop your own app against an APPROVED API. This will empower you to differentiate your mobile offering. A MOBILE APP can be developed using all the components and development framework made available in the SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT KIT (SDK). If you choose to pursuit this option, there are some regulatory compliance requirements that need to be taken into consideration.

TURFSPORT will grant access to the technical documentation necessary to guide your development team and will oversee the development and testing to ensure that the software complies with the regulations set out by SABS 1718(4).

A wide selection of MOBILE PAYMENT GATEWAYS have been integrated into TURFSPORT's MOBILE BETTING PLATFORM and these offer you the opportunity to choose from a number of PAYMENT INSTRUMENTS in the mobile space.

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Mobile betting apps for Android, iOs, Windows Mobile and Blackberry

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